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I'm just wondering why you guys don't talk about essays describing graphs, charts..., in which technical language is used and is quite unfamiliar with me. 8-}. I'm preparing for my IELTS exam. You know, describing graphs or charts is one part of the IELTS writing test. I'm so worried now. So can anyone give me some tips?
I'm just wondering why you guys don't talk about essays describing graphs, charts..., in which technical language is used and is quite unfamiliar with me. . I'm preparing for my IELTS exam. You know, describing graphs or charts is one part of the IELTS writing test

what type of graphs and charts, and about what subjects? If you could narrow it down a little bit more...maybe people here probably would be able to help you out.
hey dont worry too much about writting if you are aiming for an IELTS exam. Try to spend more time on listening and talking...communicating skill, that provide you better mark on IELTS. I have a friend and I can tell you that his gramma and writting skill is just equal to when you finish high school (even worse), but he speak fluantly and...you know... easy to catch what he want to say.
:D try your best.


BTW ( hey, I'm not trying to get one more extra, just that I've found it abit latter). This one WILL help you,man.
Say again, try your best. Wish to be some help for ya :D
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lần đầu tiên viết ạ , ai giúp em với :D

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement : Parents are the best teacher. Use reason and examples to support your answer

Everybody often discusses whether parents are the best teachers or not. I definitely believe that parents could not be the best teacher because they don't have enough professional knowledge and can't teach social skill.

Firstly, parents are not the best teachers because they are not specialists. Of course, they can teach housework and good habit, but they don't have expertise. Suppose that a father who doesn't major in science is raising her child who is curious of phenomenon of nature, for example, and one day he asks his father why thunder has a big noise. Although he graduated a high school and even a university, he could not answer to his son question because his knowledge of science is too basic to teach his child. In this way, parents could not give diverse professional education to their children because of their limited knowledge.

Secondly, parents are not the best teachers because they could not teach social skill. Of course, they care their children with unstop love, but what children need is not only a full attention but also social skill. My classmate who is raised under his parents' ardent attention started his formal education at an early age, so did not have enough time to play with his company. Although he has a good habit and good relationship with his parents,but he won't know the importance of co-operation, compromise, and emotion control, because his parents could not teach these kinds of knowledge , and he must learn it from the life. This make clearly that why parents couldn't be the best teachers for their children's socialization.

After all, children could not learn special expertise and social skill from their parents.
e hỏi ở đây có ai học writting n presentation skill ở trg` ko ạ, em mất tờ giấy báo học ròi, thàh ra ko biết học ở đâu, giúp em vs :((
btw, cho em hỏi anh/chị/bạn có biết chỗ nào luyện thi IELTS tốt ko ạh :-s
em đã ra acet 2 lần r` nhg đến tháng 11 năm nay mới học đc vì chưa đủ 16 tuổi, em muốn cuối lớp 11 hoặc đầu 12 thi ielts nhg h vẫn dậm chân tại chỗ, vì chưa biết tự học ielts thì học sách nào và phương pháp học thế nào? anh chị júp em với :(
hồi trước chị học ielts ở chỗ hàng cháo , ko phải equest đâu em. Phía đầu của hàng cháo cơ, nói chung chị thấy dạy khá tốt, hàng tuần có test. ( địa chỉ này đào tạo một 8.0 ielts ở lớp chị ;) trust đc em ạ ) sr em chị ko nhớ đc cái tên đầy đủ :"> nhưg nếu em cần thì email chị rồi chị hỏi lại cho.
ngoài ra em cũng có nhiều thầy cô dạy tốt ( thấy bạn bè học rồi nói thế ) như cô Lan ở đh ngoại ngữ, hay thầy đức ( hay hải ý nhờ :-s ) chị chưa học nên ko rõ ;)
tự học là chính em ạ :| ielts có bộ mấy quyển của camb, em là anh 2 chắc học ngon thôi ;)
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"Things do not get better by being left alone"
- Sir Winston Churchill

In political science, almost all theories which advocate the right to democracy have specified that, no matter how minimal the intervention of the government into society, there will be no absolute democracy. In other words, if people are given the right to do everything they desire, they will commit stealing, rioting, murdering, raping and other crimes with impunity and threaten the freedom as well as the welfare of others. In order to protect the rights of the whole community, governments and their coercive measures are always needed. This example is an excellent demonstration of the fact that, things usually move towards undesirable states when left alone by it supervisors.

When children are left alone by their parents, they will be taught neither the skills necessary for survival nor the good personalities that ensure their success in life, such as tolerance, courage and diligence. On a larger scale, consider an entire continent isolated, Africa. While UN and other principal organizations stood watching and did nothing, Africa ushered in violence, ignorance, ill-nourishment and corruption. Because no one thought Africa will ever change for the better, Africa was simply ‘left alone’ and will forever be the poorest part of the world.

One perfect example of how things stay healthily when carefully supervised is the capitalism economy that has been standing strong for nearly five centuries. Capitalist governments consider the market capable of stabilizing itself through the law of supply and demand, and thus stabilizing society on the whole. However, as the market operates strictly to the law, it fluctuates in an unending series of shortages and abundances of supply. These shortages and abundances, if pushed to the extremes, will destroy the economy; the 1929 – 1933 Great Depression is an example. That is when the government comes in with stimulus packages and strict reform policies. Though stable and highly competitive, the market economy must never be left to itself, or else it will be disaster.

History taught us that if the US had considered the Nazis completely Europe’s problem, or in another scenario, had stood hesitantly while fascism subjugated the whole world by continents, the Allies would not have been formed and World War II would not have turned out to be the way we learn about it today (both scenarios explored in the novel The Man in The High Castle by Philip K. Dick). And after all these examples presented above, let us come to a general observation that: every system (e.g. economies, societies, ecological systems) works in an equilibrium, in which the components connected and depend on each other to function smoothly, like clockwork. Often, some components can work themselves into undesirable, extreme states and thus damage the equilibrium, threatening the system. This process is not reversible, so damage left unchecked will be permanent and will cause the system’s downfall. As Sir Winston Churchill have said, ‘Things do not get better by being left alone’.
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