Our English poems

Hehe, this is my poem ^^ Short and easy to understand :)) :))

Get up ! Get up !
Halloween-your night
Open your eyes and
Sometimes you cry cuz
Tonight, ghosts will arrive !

Well,I made it when I was just 10 :-??
Whoa, this topic've been off for quite a while :eek: . I'll have to light it up again then ^^, with this poem .

If ever you feel like crying
You can always call me, sobbing
I don’t promise you laughter
But can instead cry with ya .

If you wanna runaway
You can call me, we’ll pray
I don’t swear to stop you
But can instead run with you .

If you had enough with life
Then call me, perhaps I might
Somehow manage to save you
Or just instead die with you

But if one day you call me
And there’s few answer if no
Come real fast to see me
I might be needing you so ...​

cammon guys, you don't like poems anymore ? :-/
Love bug, na na na na na na :p

In the apple, in the lime
Bet you find me with the rhyme
Tiny tiny ,oh, this shape
I'm your love bug of all time.
Starry starry night

Oh starry starry night
Lights my soul and fills my eyes
If I could fly into the sky
I would fly, fly very high...

Oh starry starry night
Sparkling stars hang in the sky
Do they know I miss someone
Starry night lives in her smile...
The belief we are leaning on
Where is it? Why do you mourn?
The sacred hands, give you an idea
of betrayal, among the fear

=)) I always write something in English like that. It looks like a spell :))
A Repost

Before Paris

(Read to the music of Caruso)

I wish I can do something fancy
Before you board that flight back to Paris;
I wish I can take this last chance
To take back words I didn't mean..

..But New York can't be like Paris
There's no Belleville, no Passy;
No Saint-German or Rue Dufour
Where they'd dance all night for l'amour.

When we were talking on the phone that night
And then you said: "It's goodbye!"
Oh how I was surprised..
"What can I say.." - I replied.

You asked if I would miss you
And I thought you would have already knew...
Things that I could not say,
Perhaps I should just keep them that way.

Playing me guitar for a little while
Thinking about our promised dinner-with-wine
Wondering if you'd cry at our goodbye
Or if memory's a dying flame in your mind?

Te voglio bene assai..
We've only met once in life
Ma tanto ma tanto bene assai...
I'm the one who stays back behind

..But New York can't be like Paris
There's no Belleville, no Passy;
No Saint-German or Rue Dufour
Where they'd dance all night for l'amour.
These are my poems.

My Poem

She’s the lady sitting in front of me
She’s the one who can see
The beauty of my poems!

She’s the light in the dark
And she’s the star in the night
She’s here in my sight and saying that
I’m gonna score A+ for my poems

Today is a special day
The day I dream a lot
The dreams of being recognized
The first time in my life that
I can write poems

Today is a very special day
The day with you sitting there
Listening to my poems and gonna say
“Yours is not bad !”

Feel The Love

You’re the nest and I’m the bird
You stand there and I’m gonna flirt
When you go, I will search
You, the lady in the lovely skirt

We are a perfect couple!

I can cook and you can taste
I can give and you are happy to receive
Sometimes I can lie just to make you smile
And then you kiss me, just to let me know that you are happy ^^

You know what?!
You shine in my mind
And you smile in my heart

Hey! Look up! There’s a star in the sky
Look back here! There’s you in my mind

There’s a dot in the paper
And there’s your letter which I’ll never forget
Remember this day
A beautiful day in May
I grab your hand, kiss your lips and say
“ I lay my heart on you”

I miss you
The lady with the tender smile
I love you
The girl who is so cute when being shy
I just want to be with you, my future Tai-tai !

The Love For Life

There’s the sky but there appears no light
There stands a tree but no one can find a leaf
There’s a bird but it will never fly
Just because I didn’t live long enough to be shy
You could find no one in this land of death
You could feel no love for the abandoned mess
It’s so horrible just like when you are out of breath
All is just like the hell hanging above your head !

But I just fight
And conquer the hardness of the life
And I just survive
Through all the anguish and stress in my mind
Because there’s nothing, I realize
Is more powerful than the love for life .

We are Together !

Some of us are black
Black, we were born with the beauty of the night.
Some of us are yellow
Yellow, we were destined to be the sons of the light.
Some of us are white
White, we were born with the purity of the mind.
Black, yellow and white,
Each of us is a part of each other’s life.

We all love peace
And we all hate war
We all like to give
And we’re all happy to receive

I never forget the day
The day we stood together
In the furnace of the summer
Even in the hard frost of the winter
Fighting against Hitler
And brought back the freedom to the world !
I remember the day
The day we were side by side
We looked at the beautiful sky
Together we say :
“ We are brothers forever”.

I am still living this happiness
The happiness of making new friends everyday
The friends from others races
But we always say :
“We are together! ”
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