One Word Story... ^_^

cotton balls. They
btw.... happy new year to you... may all your wishes come true ^^

Um..... Hello????!!!???? :-?
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have huge protruding...
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Actually you can join instead of laughing since there has been no one here for a while (and I don't know what to write next too)
This is very hard to continue. A negative environtment can prevent them from being affected by what? Something positive?

Well, here goes:

...the Zerg's plague,

He he he. " 'ell. It's about time!"
their peaceful lives.
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Okie. The sentence has ended. Let's begin a new description:

While they are
mating each other { I think we should reuse the rule of at least hafl sentences, and we will have long stories rite ^^, try :):):) }
suddenly there was

(Sỹ Minh, it's been a long time. How are you now?)
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