One Word Story... ^_^

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* I hate people in this English club >_< *
8-| (ko hiểu đang nói ai...)

Then I looked around to see where I was--- and a hot babe in the corner of the room caught my attention b-)
b-) 'Good timing' I think, while walking over to My and dreaming of a wonderful time tonight8-}
"What the heo are you thinking of?" the fiend asked out loud, waking me up.
" thanx God, it 's just a nightmare" I sighed with relief

---The End----

:)) and that's how the story ends...

b-) I'm running low on my imagination... Can someone help me to start a new story... ??? :x
Isn't it supposed to be an One word story? o_0
You're writing sentences >_>
Well , finally having to visit this website ! At first , I tried to ignore it as I think one word story ? Why on earth exists this kind of story and made a guess that it is just your pratical jokes ? And now my assumptions are accurate :p. Never can we have one word story ! ;). Writing one sentence, what possessed you to think of it as a story ? :p. Oh , funny < perhaps I am rambling :(( >
Aw..... you don't get the rule, are you....
It mean... each one of us post one word so that all of them will make a story...... but actually I have only seen 3 or 4 words story... 1 word is a little too short...
So why don't u start a whole new story 4 everyone 2 participate? must be fun hah?
But I don't like a one word story.... how about 3?
If that's okay then I'll gladly do it....
Aeons ago, there
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(Blue star, huh? Sound like a game I know...)
millions little jewels
btw..... quite a long opening we're making, isn't it?
*Hesitates about cute or ugly.....*
funny with pink
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