...::::: Come on, let's TALK ^^ :::::...

yay i dont have any plan for thanksgiving yet so Chicago sounds good to me :p
are you gonna be the host? lol

the next 2 years I'll have to take the new TOEFL test :((

terrible :|

i dun know anything'bout TOEFL :| anybody can tell me :|
The most important thing to know is, TOEFL = Test of English as a foreign language :D
sis Hoa: the new TOEFL is.. really new :p so i have no idea, but i used to go "Hiệu Sách Trang", located at the intersection of Lý Thường Kiệt and Bà Triệu, to get books for my practice, it's pretty much all i did to prepare for the test :p so check out that bookstore if u want and see if they have updated materials for TOEFL. This is really old fashion and now there are tons of test preparation center where u can go take classes, but i honestly don't recommend those things because they r more like businessmen than educators (but there are good teachers around :p look for Mr. Mạnh, really strict and picky guy, heavy workload :-& or Mr. Nghiêm, really updated and interesting practice materials, more effcient for advanced students)

sis Hoài Anh: u wanna join us in Chicago? great! tell the other guys in d3net that :D anyway, i got another plan coming up in Boston real soon, camps, beaches and lobster feasts in Maine next week :D give me a call if u r interested.
Boston???? My friend just ask me to go up to Boston :|, when are U planning to go :D
Man, 2 many plans 8-}, would be horrible if none come through 8-}
The plan is hardly made but i think we'll set off on the 18th or 19th, going for 2-3 days, u wanna go :D get over here >:-D< and who's ur friend, is he in Boston, is his name Bình :D
I wish TOEFL have speaking before , I won't mind having one more thing to bring up my low grammar score (Reading and Listening can only help so much)
first i thought i had problem with my eyes bro HA :))
I'm so excited to hear 'bout Chicago trip :D:D can i join 8-| it's a little bit far from my city < of course just with me:D >
happy birthday bro Lâm :p accidentally saw it on Thefacebook :D
you're legal now...congrats :p have fun and dont get trashed lol :D

em Trang: where are you going? you told me once but i forgot :p

my toefl score was horrible b/c of the reading part....i am never good at reading :D
chị Hoài Anh : I'm going to Saint Paul, MInnesota :p
Happy birthday bro Lâm>:-D<:D
sis HA, sis Trang, thank u so much much!! :x how wonderful is it my new friends are wishing me happy birthday, this year is gonna be good :D :D Hope to see u some time soon, probably in Chicago :D
Chỉnh sửa lần cuối:
8-} you don't need to go to work, do you , bro HA 8-}
bro Lâm: i'm so sorry, the electricity suddenly went out and 8-} i couldn't do anything 8-}
btw, bro HA, look at my posts number :))

:love3: my 5star-dream :love3:
he he

i'm back :D

happee birthday bro Lam :D wish u can be back VN soon :D

neway shi.t_chan [-x it's not good to fishing like a crazy buffallo :))
Phan Thanh Hoa đã viết:

the next 2 years I'll have to take the new TOEFL test :((

terrible :|

i dun know anything'bout TOEFL :| anybody can tell me :|

yeah, me too ss Hoa, I'm learnin' at Mr Strong class:D U can join, because we'll start this class on Friday Morning:D He said manythings 'bout the NEW TOEFL:D
Phone 2 me if u wanna :D
@ Thư : i don't have ur phone number dear :( and it's impossible for me to join the class coz next year i'll study in the morning :)
Just come check it out Hoa, there should be different class sections.

Thanks a lot sis Hoa and sis Thư :x I had such a great birthday yesterday that I got up at about 5pm today :D
^^ my phone number, u can ask DangLink. But if u learn in the mornin', so wait... there will be a new class ^^

How about ur birthday party :p :D
You're so lucky Trang Thư. I'm integrating some pupils learning Toefl, but I haven't found anyone. I really want to study it now, not so late. Could you give me some advice?
Notice : I have my main class in the afternoon, so I could only learn in the morning because Mr. Strong hasn't got any time left.
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