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Re: Lafayette College - GO LEOPARDS!!!!!

học cùng Public Safety à :)) thật tình cờ và thật bất ngờ đấy vlong ạ :))
Re: Lafayette College - GO LEOPARDS!!!!!

CHị Lan nói thế là có ý rì thía :-/ /:)
Funny today I was reading an article from GQ called "Where to find her?" basically the places where you can find smart and beautiful women: the places featured are Stockholm, Tel Aviv, NYC, Kiev, Miami, Montevideo and ... Hanoi (wow).

In order not to be off topic, the article also contain a smaller section called where NOT to find her: Amsterdam window, family reunion,, GAP Kids and ... Smith College. Ouch. (No harms intended, but probably a stereotype taken too far).
Chỉnh sửa lần cuối:
@Bro Hưng: it doesn't mean Smithies aren't smart or beautiful. We are just NOT AVAILABLE :-" .
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