Word game no4- Crossword

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For the fourth word game, E-HAO will introduce to you the Word Game called CROSSWORD

Your job is to find out all the words in the table below in TWO WEEKS.

  • All general rules applied please read here carefully before you play to avoid disappointment.
  • You need to answer in order. First, please answer no 1 to 15 down word. Then, answer no 1 to 15 cross word.
  • You can put another answer to the question which has been done if your answer is different from the existing one.
* Special option : if you complete the table before 10/7/05, you can send your answers to [email protected]. Bear in mind that the deadline ís 10/7/05. If you choose this special option, you CANNOT participate in the game in forum anyway.

  • For each correct word, you get 5 points.
  • For each wrong answer, you get 0 point.
  • All answers with editting will be treated as invalid answers
  • All invalid words in this topic receive no point (i.e. duplicated words or words without meaning)
Chỉnh sửa lần cuối:

Note : - the square with 00 means as a blank square.

- 5 down has 10 characters
Chỉnh sửa lần cuối:
We have received one e-mail from a HAOer with the completed answers .. :x .. So noone wants to play it in the forum then ? .. :|:p:D:x ..

Note : if you decide to send us your answers through email, so please make sure that you enclose your HAO ID or your profile link in HAO .. :x ..

ie :
Ho va Ten : Tran Bich Thuy
HAO ID : candy_honey

or :

Chỉnh sửa lần cuối:
Word game 4 is closed today. Because HAOers sent their answers directly to our e-mail, so then, we have no winner of that game in forum.

Reward for the winners sending answers through email will be :

+ 5 points for the winner if there is only one person who has the correct answer overall.

+ 3 points for each winner if there are only two players having the correct answer.

+ 2 points for each winner if there are over 3 players having the correct answer.

List of the winners of that game will be published soon. Thank you very much for your participation . :x

On behalf of E-HAO game leader group
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