Three pennies

Nguyễn Hữu Toàn

Three pennies

It's getting harder everyday
To find the right words to say,
When life's full of make-believe
While love smells of hypocrisy.

And three pennies is all that worth,
Love, sex, religion, yoga courses.
Husbands go 'round, flirt with maidens,
Wives f@ck mailmen, and call it even.

So don't pretend you buy it all,
Q'ran, Bible, Sunday school
Priests talk of going to heaven
And in the churches, they molest children.

We are two dancers, hand-in-hand
You dance Rumba, I dance Waltz
The mishap, we blame each others,
While the band play on Merengue

So sweetheart, write it down:
In life's all moments of doubt
You should take all precautions
Never to show your true emotions!

Toan Nguyen
Chỉnh sửa lần cuối:
Don't view life with such a pessimistic eye!
Chỉnh sửa lần cuối:
My dear fellow, I think I am quite a cynic. Any fools can be a pessimist, but it takes a thoroughly charming pessimist to be a cynic.
Btw, since you already corrected the word Merengue :) why don't you change Valse into Waltz? :)
Bravo em Nguyệt! "Nghệ sĩ" và "quần chúng" cùng làm thơ >:D<!
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