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After the night at the airport, I confessed my love 4 her, and she accepted it. We chatted wit each other everyday until I came back in summer vacation. Then we had fun, I can go wit her shopping, wondering everyday, that was wonderful. Everymorning, even though she couldn't come wit me, I waited 4 her and wished her a good day. She is really a good girl. We are a perfect couple. If, just if........
On that destiny day, I was riding on my way to her house like usual. Everybody on the road is in a hurry, they all have something to take care of, but I am free, free to go wit the one I love, isn't it wonderful ? having nothing to worry of , I guess so. I stopped as the red light turned, darn it, why does it have to be me, I would have passed the red light, but the cops are over there, bullshit, they couldn't catch me - I thought myself. Then I really did pass the road when the red light was still on. But really, my bad luck came, something big is coming this way, and I cannot stop the bike, hell nooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!
Then everything has gone blank, a few sound of someone screaming, heh, it's not like that hurt when you have an accident. I was hit by a car, and now I am still here, not too bad though.. But I cannot move, darn it, those bandage prohibited me from moving freely. No problem, just rest 4 a while, may be she will come, yeah, no she will definitely come, we'll have time together again...... Things went blank again. When I regain my conciousness, no one is beside me, just a clean but cold facility of the hospital. Seems like it was not a light wound that I had. The doctor's face is serious, but I am now unhurt, I can still remember my old man's face :)), so I would be alright, right ?

It would be better that way...but things never happen the way people want it. I hear someone talking while I was sleeping.
"he ...... wound, ....... fatal and .... reach his heart, ......... cure him, sir and mamm,I am afraid that you ......... 4 the worst situation, We'..... what we can"- the calm and cold voice, maybe that is my doctor.
Then someone crying, who would it be - my mom, my grandmom....they always take the situation too serious than it actually is. If I can talk, they will scold me. Then I fall asleep again, I slept as though it was a thousand years has past...
That night, I wonder if many things did happen really. When I wake up the next morning (that's what my sense of time lead me), I feel just a little tired, but I can move and all my senses are up again. Yihaa!!!!!!! Then everything went smooth again, everyone comes by a visit me, wait 4 me to get out of that boring place. Later on, mom told me that the night was actually a miracle, everybody can just sit nervously waiting 4 the doctor to come out, I would be put into a long coma and never wake up again. Just when they were about to give up...I woke up the next morning, as healthy as nothing happens. I feel somehow relieve, my tomo is : to live is to prove that you live, life is never bored. The only thing that upset me is that my girl hasn't been here all the time. Where could she be ? Maybe she is busy, maybe she is tired, maybe...maybe...maybe...I kept convincing myself like that 4 quite a long time inside that confortable prison we call hospital. But I cannot keep convincing myself after I was able to stay at home and rest. She hasn't come even once, not even a phone call. My family is really surprise cuz she used to come a lot when I was sleep, she said that she may disturb me. But now, she is not coming. WHY ?
The first day I regain my strength to go out is the first day I find out that she has disappeared. After the night of my life being put on the line of life and death, she just hasn't come back home from school. And then, nobody know where has she gone, even the police is useless. I ask myself again and again. Ask if that has any link with my miracle, but always, things seem too much of a ok 4 me to believe in crap like magic and miracle. My life just go on and on without her, but it is too peaceful, as if a beautiful garden without a single shadow of humanity. I decided to stay at home 4 a while, I mean to stay at the country. First because of that I haven't recovered fully yet. Second but most important is that I am not leaving be4 knowing where she is. But she is nowhere to be found, as if she has vanish with the air or diving into the stream of wind.
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