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Color is all around us. We see it all the time. Most of us have no idea the impact color has on our lives. This impact of the many colors in our environment is usually not conscious. Sometimes we get an uneasy feeling in certain rooms or very relaxed in another, but we call this a mood. The "color of mood" can be what is surrounding us.
This is what I found somewhere on the Internet, about the meaning of colors. That's something we see and feel every day in our lives, but maybe you don't understand exactly what it is and how to describe it. I hope you'll get all your answers after reading this. Have fun!
Red symbolizes: action, confidence, courage, vitality
Red is the warmest of all colors. Red is the color most chosen by extroverts and one of the top picks of males. On the negative side red can mean temper or anger. In China, red is the color of prosperity and joy. Brides wear red and front doors are often painted red. Red is Tuesday's color. Red roses symbolize passionate love. Ruby rings should be worn on the left hand. Red is the color of Mars. This planet is known as the God of War.
Red Energy
Red is associated with fiery heat and warmth. It can also mean danger (burning).
Red is the color of blood, and as such has strong symbolism as life and vitality. It brings focus to the essence of life and living with emphasis on survival. Red is also the color of passion and lust.
Put some red in your life when you want:
· increased enthusiasm and interest
· more energy
· action and confidence to go after your dreams
· protection from fears and anxieties
Wearing Red
Wear a red accent piece when you want to present yourself as bold and dynamic. It can boost your confidence if you are attending a function or interview where you feel unsure of yourself.

Pink symbolizes: love, beauty
Pink is the color of universal love. Pink is a quiet color. Lovers of beauty favor pink. A pink carnation means "I will never forget you".
Pink Energy
Pink is a combination of red and white. The quality of energy in pink is determined by how much red is present. White is the potential for fullness, while red helps you to achieve that potential. Pink combines these energies. Shades of deep pink, such as magenta, are effective in neutralizing disorder and violence. Some prisons use limited deep pink tones to diffuse aggressive behaviour.
Pink provides feelings of caring, tenderness, self-worth and love, acceptance.
Put some pink in your life when you want:
· calm feelings
· to neutralize disorder
· relaxation
· acceptance, contentment
Wearing Pink
Wear pink when you want to present yourself as a peaceful, calm person who is not threatening. The softer shades are very feminine and darker shades will alleviate feelings of friction.

Blue symbolizes: youth, spirituality, truth, peace, distance
Blue is the coolest color - the color of the sky, ocean, sleep, twilight. The ancient Egyptians used lapis lazuli to represent heaven. Blue symbolizes the Virgin Mary. A pure blue is the color of inspiration, sincerity and spirituality. Blue is often the chosen color by conservative people. Blue is the calming color. That makes it a wonderful color to use in the home, especially for babies. Blue is so soothing that is a good choice for pajamas. Dark blue is the color of truth and moderation. A blue iris means your friendship is very important to me. Wednesday's color is blue. Blue gemstones to wear to feel calm are blue sapphire and blue topaz. Lapis lazuli and azurite are said to heighten psychic power.
Turquoise is the symbol of youth, both the color and the gemstone. This color has a soothing affect. Turquoise is the color of communication. It contains the growth quality of green with the blue quality of communication. Turquoise has long been used in amulets to provide protection, health, confidence and strength.
Aqua is the color of high ideals.
Blue Energy
Blue gives a feeling of distance. Artists use it to to show perspective. This is a good way to understand the energy of the color blue - it allows us to look beyond and increase our perspective outward. It contains a cool vibration that is helpful to communication.
The vibration if blue can be used to open energy flow where it is blocked. Using blue to relax will encourage feelings of communication and peace.
Put some blue in your life when you want:
· calm and relaxation to counteract chaos or agitation
· to open the flow of communication
· to broaden your perspective in learning new information
· solitude and peace
Wearing Blue
Wear dark blues for a stable, calm conservative feeling. All shades of blue will help to make easy communication, whether it is with yourself or others. Use blue paper for notes when you want help in remembering a speech or other information.

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a recent survey has shown that almost men choose red tie for the first date,and blue tie is choose for an interview or an important meet.and respect grey is the chosen colour when a man meet his paretns-in-law
(this is writen by my memory,so i hope it isnt too wrong)
Brown symbolizes: earth, order, convention
People who prefer brown are often conventional and orderly. The negative meaning of brown can be a repressed personality or a lazy person. Brown is the color of the earth and is associated with the material side of life.
Brown Energy
Brown can mix into many surroundings. It is a mixture of red, blue and yellow and has many shades and tones - each producing a different effect. Brown can be a stabilizing color. The red in brown gives it practical energy while the yellow and blue add mental focus energies. Too much brown can make a dull effect. Brown gives a feeling of solidity, and allows one to stay in the background, unnoticed.
Some shades of brown create a warm, comfortable feeling of wholesomeness, naturalness and dependability.
Put some brown in your life when you want:
· a solid wholesome feeling
· to blend with the background
· a connection with natural earth and the stability this brings
· orderliness and convention
Wearing Brown
Wear brown clothing if you want to show no direction or attitude in particular. Brown is a disguise that can be used to effectively hide your true nature. Prior to the introduction of denim, brown was the color worn by manual workers.

Orange symbolizes: endurance, vitality, play, creativity
Orange is a power color. It is one of the healing colors. It is said to increase the craving for food. It also stimulates enthusiasm and creativity. Orange means vitality with endurance. People who like orange are usually thoughtful and sincere. Lady luck's color is orange. I have been told that if a change of any kind is need in life, just burn an orange candle for 7 nights.
Orange Energy
While red is associated with fiery heat, orange is associated with the benign warmth of the sun. A dynamic color to be sure, orange offers a more thoughtful control than explosive red. Curiosity is a driving characteristic of orange, and with it comes exploration of new things.
Put some orange in your life when you want: · to spice things up when you feel time is dragging
· to become more involved in something
· to increase creativity
· relief from things becoming too serious
Wearing Orange
Wearing orange during times of stress, or shock can help to balance your emotions. It can bring about the willingness to embrace new ideas with enjoyment and a sense of exploration and creative play.

Yellow symbolizes: wisdom, joy, happiness, intellectual energy
The shade of yellow determines the meaning. Pure, bright and sunny yellow is the easiest color to see. People who are blind to other colors can usually see yellow. Yellow is full of creative and intellectual energy. Always use yellow note pads.
Yellow symbolizes wisdom. Yellow means joy and happiness. People of high intellect favor yellow. Yellow daffodils are a symbol of unrequited love. Sunday's color is yellow-gold.
Yellow Energy
Like the energy of a bright sunny day, yellow brings clarity and awareness. The shade of yellow determines its effect: Yellow-green can mean deceit, and creates a disoriented feeling. Orange-yellow imparts a sense of establishment. Clean light yellow clears the mind, making it active and alert.
Put some yellow in your life when you want:
· clarity for decision-making
· relief from 'burnout', panic, nervousness, exhaustion
· sharper memory and concentration skills
· protection from lethargy and depression during dull weather
Wearing Yellow
Wear yellow to present a cheery, uplifting effect. Use it around your office to help keep a clear your mind, and improve memory and decision making.

Green symbolizes: life, nature, fertility, well being
Green is the color of nature, fertility, life. Grass green is the most restful color. Green symbolizes self-respect and well being. Green is the color of balance. It also means learning, growth and harmony. Green is a safe color, if you don't know what color to use anywhere use green.
Green is favored by well balanced people. Green symbolizes the master healer and the life force. It often symbolizes money. It was believed green was healing for the eyes. Egyptians wore green eyeliner. Green eyeshades are still used. You should eat raw green foods for good health. Friday is the day of green. Green jade is a sacred stone of Asia.
Green Energy
Green contains the powerful energies of nature, growth, desire to expand or increase. Balance and a sense of order are found in the color green. Change and transformation is necessary for growth, and so this ability to sustain changes is also a part of the energy of green.
Put some green in your life when you want:
· a new state of balance
· feel a need for change or growth
· freedom to pursue new ideas
· protection from fears and anxieties connected with the demands of others
Wearing Green
Wear green when you want to overcome a sense of thwarted ambition. Green says growth - balance - harmony. It is a color of healthy relationships.

<to be continued>
It's the first time i have thoght that colors are meaning!Thank's a lot!One more thing:I love red!
like all bright colors especially pink and red cuz they're so kute :x
'n' I love smb who loves red :x
I like...hmmm red, blue, orange and green
Conclusion: totally confused with those colors =))
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