Something happens in China ...

Nguyễn Chí Trung

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The World is About to Change...

In the last few months, a massive wave of ordinary Chinese people have publicly renounced their affiliation with the Chinese Communist Party, bringing one of the last Communist strong-holds to the brink of collapse.

Just fifteen years after the Berlin Wall was dismantled, a massive movement for freedom and democracy has emerged in China, and its momentum is shocking the world. To date, over 1 million Chinese citizens have publicly renounced their membership in the Chinese Communist Party, with the number growing by up to 20,000 more people each day. Many more have declared their denunciation and condemnation of the CCP, as its tenous grip on the Chinese people dissolves.

The withdrawals and delcarations were triggered by the publication of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party by The Epoch Times. The “Nine Commentaries” detail the brutal rise and methods of the CCP, which include genocide, mass-torture, brainwashing and the complete destruction of traditional beliefs. The “Nine Commentaries” chronicle the real history of the CCP, which it has systematically distorted and hidden from the Chinese people and the world.

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