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EHAO faces many difficulties, and one of the hardest problems we have to face is that EHAO is a box where English is officially used to communicate.

We all know that in order to participate enjoyingly in EHAO, one must know “quite well” English, so one can freely expresses one's opinion and communicate with others. And that greatly decreases the "potential" participators of our box. Furtheremore, even in here (HAO), there're other forums which people could talk, discuss by our mother-language. What does that mean? In my opinion, not many have the ability to "intellectually" communicate with other in english about their interests, their concerns, or have the well-enough english in order to "freely" chat to others, afterall, I think that forums are the place where people come to share knowledge, to discuss, to relax themselves after a tired day, if it is hard for them achieve those goals then why they bother come here?

I'm just saying that because it is a fact that there are very limited, or even a few "potential" participators who would come here and frequently participate in our activities here. And even with those few potential participators, we have to compete with other boxes with a grave handicap that is english is the language for communication.

For that reason, I think that we must compete more vigorously, more efficiently in order to turn around.

We can't do anything to change the number of these potential participators (since we can't force anyone to learn english "well")

My idea is that we should commercialize our box, because not every knows our existence, and that is a fact, or they might have heard it, but not often enough that they remember it. Therefore, i think we should do something to put our names where others people can see, hear often enough so they remember that there is an EHAO, and catch their curiosity that they want to try out to see what EHAO is like. We can do popups, or introduction in wherever we can put it....

Commercialization is just a short-term solution, the long term solution is to create more interesting topics, topics that people like. Recently i've heard that EHAO is going to throw a Writing Contest and Game, which is under construction. I'm thinking of creating a "poll", (this one we need some computer engineers) i don't know if we can make it like right after click into HAO website, the poll apprears and request everyone to cast a vote on wat they like. Based on that information we'd probably have a better idea of what are the interesting topics that we should hit hard at.

If anyone has any other ideas, any ideas at all, please post it so everyone can discuss and develop more, we would go nowhere if we do nothing.

I write this in such hurry that i was not very careful in my language, thus if i offend anyone, please understand that i have no intention to, and forgive me for my mistake.

Thank you for ur time and have a nice day.
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.. I read your post this morning but I đin't have time to reply your thread ... sorry .. :) ... Thank you very much for your comment :x ..

.. I must acknowledge that we haven't looked after this E-HAO box since it was opened. :) .. But we have been planning an intriguing surprise for all HAOers soon. So, don't worry, we are going to improve and motivate E-HAO development. We will let all know what is coming soon .. ;) ... wait and be surprised .. :) .. a lot of great attractive occasions are for all of you .. ;) .. :x ... :-$ ...

by the way, I know that E-HAO group hasn't had any wide commercialization to advertise ourselves as well as E-HAO . I 'm sure it will change in the most recent future ^:)^ ...

.. once again , thank you , guy... :D ..:biggrin: ..:x .. you are carrying on a good job .. :x .. ^:)^ .. :biggrin: ... ;) ...

btw, do you have any idea about commercialize E-HAO .. ;) ... :x ....
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