Poem: My Childhood

Nguyễn Kiều Trâm
(Kieu tram)

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My Childhood

I am from a small street
Crowded market on every Sunday morning
Crabs and chickens there
They all were my friends

I am from a happy family
The happiest child in this World
A beautiful, tender Mom
Dad's unconditional love for us
And a very cute sister always besides me

I am from love of art
Drawing nice pictures for my family
Playing piano for peace
And watching cartoon for fun

I am from "Be a good girl, my sweetie"
Mom said whenever I went out
Grandma's Disney stories before bed time
Be mad then sit down
A small girl besides her Dad

I am from My Mom's rice noodle with egg rolls
Dad's delicious vegetable soup for our lunch
My sister's chip and dip
Candy and ice cream we shared

I am from beautiful memories
That now only exist in a hope chest
And my mind knowing that one day when I come back home
I will share them with my lovely family.
Comments from the Writing Contest Board of Examiners:

“It’s a cute story told in a straightforward way with genuine feelings. Small but well-chosen details help create a lively picture of a happy family. This happy poem is like a pleasant breeze, which comes and goes. If that’s what the writer wants, she/he has succeeded. If instead, she/he wants to leave a deeper impression; my suggestion is that there could be some more unique experiences in the family that tell the personalities of family members. The grammar structure is simple but there are still some errors. The writer may want to review the use of some words in this poem as well.”

“Nice details of the good memories with the family, but there are quite few expression and grammatical mistakes. The content is good but not very special. Mediocre use of English.”
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