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He's dazzled right at first sight by a petite lady. Wrapped in a red hobble skirt, she's taking dainty steps down the stairs to the reception desk. An indescribable paroxysm of emotion runs through his body. Being aware that it's an opportunity not to be missed, he follows her to the buffet area. They're being in a deluxe hotel for the patrician class and it's time for breakfast.

Now he can look at the bright face more closely. Her beauty is unique. The tender look of her oval eyes is just irresistable, and everytime she raises her delicate nose gently, he finds himself truly captivated. Plucking up all the courage he has, the man ambles over to the woman and starts a conversation...

In his forties, he's known as a successful magnate in his country. If you live in Britain then you should know his trade name. He's not so handsome, but he looks manly. What else does a woman need from a man then?

The woman is also attracted by the man and they start dating each other. The more he knows about her the more he's mesmerized by her. The well-bred lady knows how to love and express her love, and especially she loves him passionately and appears quite tolerant whenever he's vexed. In his eyes, she's an exemplar of a perfect woman. Staying beside her he feels peaceful. Yet bliss doesn't last. After two years being together, he expresses a wish to have children with her, and it is where heaven tumbles down. He's almost faint to hear her confess the truth. She's barren. And the tragedy is not just there...

Twelve years ago, in a deprived family, two frail people had to contend with life for every single piece of food for their four children. Needless to say, they did not have enough money to send their children to school and all the kids also had to work in aid of them. The youngest child, a 10-year-old boy, followed his mother to a flea market every evening to sell coconut milk. The whole future was gloomy.

One day, a billionaire came across the market while the boy was standing in front of the coconut cart. With the eyes of an entertainment tycoon, he noticed the boy had charming features like those of a girl and immediately came up with an extremely peculiar idea: buying the boy to convert him to a girl. $50.000 was the price he offered to the impecunious people to get the boy. The amount at that time was such a miracle that could bring the whole family a new life, so the parents repressed the excruciating pain to sell their son. The boy was then brought to the tycoon's home, raised up, taught graceful gait, elegant verbalization and other things to become a girl of noble birth. From 10 to 17, he was to endure 15 cosmetic surgeries to finish the sexual transformation. Once a month, he had to receive an injection of estrogen, a female sex hormone, to maintain the artificial femininity. With time, the boy himself almost forgot he was once a boy. Now he's a lady, in toto.

Ironically, the synthetic hormone causes real feelings. Normally girls like boys, so does the "lady." And she loves. Is it too much for her to love and to be loved? Ain't she a human like others?
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