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Mai Văn Trung
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Every day, in the world, there are many new scientific researches that are announced but with Vietnameses, it is too hard to read and master them. i can't update our mind just by waiting for Vietnamese magazines. I think we should find out what we interest by ourself and the fastest way to gain it is that registering a website of science like

Using HAO, we can attain all of them just by click and a good English skill. I suggest that we should develop a new box specializing in New and General Science. Anyone can help me to execute it !
Trung, if you want our general admins to create a new box in the forum, you should have posted in box "Hòm thư bạn đọc" so they can pay attention to. E-HAO don't deal with any technical issue.

By the way, we have already had a box called "Science and Technology Club". Why should we create a new one? I might understand your point here that you want to have a discussion about new science in English, not Vietnamese, but bear in mind that there are not many English – speaking members in HAO (if don’t want to say a very small number). Also we have English Club and sub-box Open Discussion where you can discuss almost everything except those banned by HAO such as politics. I would suggest you start from box Open Discussion first, and if we see the potential for development and a real need for a new box, we will help you to achieve it.
I know we have all those box in Vietnamese but if so why we create E-H-A-O ? What do you expect ?

I think it's always useful when we have a box using English. It can improve our skills more and more.

To Mai Vân : Sorry for my mistake ! I see "Suggest Box" so i create a new topic to discuss.
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