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Dạo này không ai vào E-Club nữa :(( Mọi người chạy qua xem Miss HAO hết rồi. Để tạo lại không khí trong này, những ai có bài viết nào hay hoặc cảm nghĩ, hồi ức (vui buồn...) về E-HAO post vào đây để chia xẻ với mọi người. :x
:-s I don't have any incredible memories of EHAO yet. So I just put together the one-word story we did earlier. :)>- Enjoy b-)

After hearing my reply to the question, she slapped me real hard. Then I sang loudly. I sang with the wind, which was trying to blow my wig away from my bald head. I hate my bald head. So I tried to color it red and yellow like the vietnamese flag.
I loved flowers. So instead of giving my gf flowers, I bought them for myself. My gf knew it and she was really angry. We simply broke up. And then I knew My and Van. They are far more beautiful than my ex. But I think girls are not reliable anymore, so... I turn to guys, hoping they can fill up my emptiness.
But at that time, Van and My both started to flirt me. But I already found myself a guy, and he's far more sexy than all the girls. The problem is he has a gf already. That's why i felt very upset and dissapointed. So i thought, "whatever, why don't i just pick between My and Van to go out with, and forget about the guy." Turned out they already found someone at the same time while I was dreaming of that guy. So I decide to kill them. But I quickly realize that it wound't do me any good if I kill the two girls, i should kill their bf instead. But I want to kill those girls, I Want To Kill Those Girls!!!! Both the desire for love and the longing to belong to someone had turned me into a blood-thirsty monster.
One night, I invited My to my house to have dinner so that I could do my plan. But My was sick that night and Van came instead. I was really "shocked" as she came with a scanty dress. And she turned me on. So I decided to change the plan a bit. Hipsongziet.
As we were watching the moon and having dinner, suddenly Van's bf came and he said nothing but throwing himself at me with all of his force and a murderous face. Then I had to kill the guy too! Unfortunately, the guy is much stronger than I am. He held me on the groud with his arm twisted my arms behind my back and shouted at me but i was so in pain that I couldn't recognize what he was saying, all I saw was Van standing there and smiled satisfiedly...what the heck?
I soon realized this was all Van's plan...ah...evil woman. Not able to kill anyone, I decided to kill myself. But then I thought "why do I have to kill myself? Life is beautiful. Live it, not leave it." So I went over and gave Van a french kiss right infront of her bf. In a fit of rage, he staged me damn hard with a dagger. I fell down and laid flat on the floor. Everything became dim, my mind ran back over the past.
When I opened my eyes again, I saw myself in an all-white room… am I in the hospital or heaven, I wondered. Suddenly a fiend came and smiled at me with his badly decayed teeth and said: “Hi! Ya being in heo” I couldn’t understand a word he said. My head hurt crazily. Then I thought of My, the cutest girl I had ever seen. Then I looked around to see where I was— and a hot babe in the corner of the room caught my attention. I soon realized that hot babe was My. “Good timing” I think while walking over to My and dreaming of a wonderful time tonight. “What the heo are you thinking of” the fiend asked aloud, waking me up. “Thanks god, it’s just a nightmare,” I sighed with relief.”

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