adjustments should be taken for the interview section

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A cooperation between the administrators and the interviewers should be made in order to adjust for new situation.

It'd be easier if the administrators post a daily lists of the jobs that want to be filled in along with the description of the jobs..(like jobs wanted section in newspapers) the interviewed could just have a look at it and have a pretty good idea what he/she's gonna do, and what's to be expected.

It'd be so tired to ask the interviewed their ability and habbits to find what they like, what they are good at...then draw a conclusion for a suitable job for him/her with the consent and expectation of the interviewed...and when that was informed to the administrator, and the answer was that job was not needed, the other the interviewers' effort was wasted, and the interviewed's expectation was disappointed.

so my point is....list the jobs with their the interviewed can choose wat jobs they like, self-examine their ability and prepare for the interview....and the interviewers would have a much easier job to perform the task with a higher efficiency.
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But we also have to be very flexible in each circumstance! Because it depend on the group that the interviewd applied for and the Moderators (Level I) who are in charge with that group!

Basic questions are not enough! We need more specific questions in particular case !
i didn't say anything about basic questions...
my point was that there should be a list of jobs that needed to be filled the interviewed have some clue what they're going to...and their expectation won't be disappointed (if they're accepted).
in thise case, a whole new skeleton questions should be worked on...the flexibility of them, certainly must depend on the circumstances.
.. I can see what you meant , Phuoc .. :x ... thank you for your great idea .. Indeed , it's quite important to do a list of jobs ... I will consider it carefully ...

Thanks again for what you have done so far for E-HAO ..:x .. ;) ..
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